Studio Loci Journal 2019



Designs have been developed by the Izolyatsia Foundation led by Rick Rowbotham to assess the viability of constructing a three storey sea container structure over a restored and modernised single storey industrial building. The proposal envisages an entrance gateway to the now established post-industrial creative hub located in a historic shipyard linked to the Dnieper River in Kiev, Ukraine.


From the gas stationFrom the gas station


Aerial viewAerial view


Approach from Izone.jpgApproach from Izone


From the 2 storey buildingFrom the 2 storey building


From 3rd floorFrom 3rd floor


Approach from parkingApproach from parking





Recent garden project by the Studio. Taking advantage of the the large scale earthworks to the rest of the garden by LDC Ltd the team unearthed a large amount of local iron stone. This formed the basis of a randomly laid mosaic, a concept inspired by the patterns created in nature by molten rock, the cracks will instead be plug planted and seeded to create ‘green’ fissures. The dark tones contrast well within the porcelain paving.


Paving Mosaic




Effects of Ocean Plastics : Plastic pollution is becoming ever more apparent as shown by the artwork of Chris Jordan. The detrimental effect on ocean dwelling animals ultimately effects those further up the food chain via the transfer of plastic microfibres. A quarter of all fish in Californian fish markets was found to have plastic in their system.

Please click here to sign a petition to force the UK government to consider a large scale ocean clear up.


albatross chick killed by eating plastics