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Hornton Court, Kensington, London

National Roofing Awards, Best refurbishment Green Roof 2009.

Hornton Court property was designed by the Architect Frank Sidney Chesterton in conjunction with John Duke Coleridge and was completed in 1907. Our Landscape Architects were commissioned by the Phillmore Estate. The project was managed by Savills.

The roof terraces on the first floor (rear and front) were to be restored and designed in a contemporary style that respected the historical character of the building. The first requirement was to waterproof the roof terrace using a Bauder system installed by GRM Roofing. This included Bauder G4E underlayer and Bauder Plant-E root resistant capping sheet.

We provided the planning drawings and the working drawings/specification.
Structural loading was a particular concern and the roof build ups were designed with light weight screed and light weight intensive planting mediuM Above the waterproof layer a Bauder seperating layer (PE Foil) and protection layer was installed. Bauders PLT 20 multi directional drainage board was used across the entire deck linking with the existing roof gullies. The hard and soft landscape was built above the drainage board.

The symetrical layout to the front garden incorporated four private spaces and a communual area. Structural glass balustrades formed an invisible boundary along the high street frontage. The paving was European Limestone cut into exacting patterns and supplied by CED. The porous stone was laid on a free draining bed and concrete screed. The raised planters were constructed of preformed fibreglass units which were bolted together on site. The units were then clad with cedar.
The soft landscape consisted of low box hedging and a mix of ornamental plants to provide seasonal colour and scent.